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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy, controlled radiation to treat cancer or to reduce the pain and other symptoms. Uses cutting-edge equipment that can target the radiation beam directly and solely on...

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It is a form of treatment that uses substances manufactured by the body or in a laboratory to fight cancer by strengthening the body’s immune system. Some of the types...

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Bone Marrow

This is a procedure used to collect the bone marrow located inside the bones and is used to diagnose bone and marrow diseases as well as some cancers.

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This treatment involves using powerful chemicals or drugs to kill fast-growing cancer cells in the body.

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Hormonal Therapy

Also known as endocrine therapy, this procedure helps reduce the cancer symptoms by either inhibiting the body’s ability to synthesize hormones or by interfering with the way hormones behave in...

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This is a minimally invasive procedure that freezes the prostate tissue resulting in the death of cancer cells and is sometimes used as an alternative to prostatectomy (removal of the...

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Emergency Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.